We are proud to present a list of our clients who have participated in our workshops. They have been kind enough to share their views with you.

Dutch Flower Group

A group of 24 ‘High Potentials’ participated in our Master class Business Etiquette and Personal Presentation, followed by the Etiquette dinner:We all look back on a wonderful Master class and Etiquette dinner. The subject matter is interesting and Jan Jaap is a gifted speaker.Our compliments for the way in which he challenged us to think about innate and external refinement and their effect on one’s surroundings. Various participants have said that they apply what they have learned in their every-day (professional) lives.


Etiquette dinner at the Head office with SME market Account Managers as participants: The Etiquette dinner was pleasant and relaxed, and instructive for all. Most of us were aware of etiquette so this worked as a refresher course: we got the chance to brush up our knowledge of certain aspects of dining etiquette. The explanation of the various dressing codes and the business suit was useful. We had a splendid evening, thanks to Jan Jaap’s stylish approach. We enjoyed the playful way in which he guided us through the world of etiquette with all its anecdotes.

Nyenrode Business University

A Lecture about Attire: a presentation about how to behave stylishly and dress well in your professional life: Our students needed information on manners, on how to prepare for a job interview and how to choose the right clothing. That is why the presentation of Distinguished really hit the mark. We now know that dressing stylishly and good manners are a must for a successful career in business.

Ministery of Defence

A workshop for the Netherlands Defence Academy: To be honest, I was a little nervous about participating in this workshop. But afterwards I can say that we learned a lot. What I found particularly useful was to learn about the cultural differences in etiquette in countries where we will be stationed as assistant military attaches. Thanks to this workshop we are now well prepared for the representative and diplomatic aspects of our jobs. The combination of theory first and practice later in the form of the etiquette dinner works perfectly. By not using an overhead projector or beamer you ensured a pleasant and lively workshop with lots of interaction.

Auction House Venduehuis der Notarissen – The Hague

Jan Jaap van Weering is a an enthusiastic speaker on dining etiquette. He manages to assess his participants’ level quickly and combines his master class with hilarious anecdotes, making his presentation anything but stiff and frumpy. Also the collaboration with Jan Jaap in the preparatory stage of this master class (which formed part of a full afternoon programme) was pleasant. Above all, we were pleased to see that the participants went home happily with lots of tips and plenty of do’s en dont’s.


And more clients including:

Merck, UNESCO, Royal Dutch Shell, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Institute of Protocol The Hague, The BBC, Radio Brussels, Görtz & Crown Family Services, Deutsche Landes Funken (DLF), The Royal Household, Delta Lloyd, Tupperware International, Leaders Trust International, a large number of Netherlands Ministeries included The Ministry of Foreigh Affairs & Ministry of Defence, Houthoff Buruma (law firm), NIBC Bank, Theodoor Gilissen Bankers, Dutch Flower Group, International Criminal Court, IVA Business School, Leyden University, EuroCollege, Inspector-General of the Armed Forces of the Netherlands & staff, various Dutch radio and televisionstations and many others.