What is it?

Most people are familiar with the term etiquette, but do not really know what it means. Etiquette is therefore the subject of a many misconceptions. One of these is that etiquette is a straightjacket of rules. Another is that etiquette is reserved for royals and the nobility.

When and how to practise etiquette?

Etiquette is about the best way to behave on certain occasions. We are talking about generally accepted habits and customs. If everyone acts in accordance with these customs, these occasions are relaxed and pleasant for all concerned. The occasions we refer to are often dinners or luncheons: that is why we talk about dining etiquette. People who are not familiar enough with etiquette may feel uncomfortable at such a lunch or dinner. And that of course is a pity.

Where does Distinguished come in?

Distinguished offers workshops Dining etiquette, among many others. These workshops are conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere and help you learn how best to behave during a lunch or dinner. For more information about these workshops please visit our Services page.

Good manners

What are they?

Good manners are all around us. Most of the time we are not even aware of them. That is because we do not notice good manners unless we meet someone who does not have them. When this happens we may feel offended.

Good manners count whenever we meet other people, whether in a business context or privately. These situations vary from business meetings and family visits to travelling on public transport. Etiquette on the other hand, is more to do with special occasions, such as dinners and receptions.

When and how do you observe good manners?

You can compare good manners with traffic rules. I we all stick to them, things run smoothly. But as soon as someone decides to follow his own rules, everything gets mixed up and this person draws unfavourable attention from other people.

Good manners ensure a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere between people. Lack of good manners may cause irritation and therefore affect our relations with others. The motto of Distinguished is therefore “Always be polite, it doesn’t cost a penny and people will always remember it.”

Where does Distinguished come in?

Distinguished deals with proper manners in its group workshops as well as its individual sessions. You will learn how best to behave in a wide variety of situations.

Please visit our Services page for more information about these workshops.